Refractories & Abrasives

We provide complete Refractory Manufacturing plants on Build-Operate-Transfer basis (BOT) with guaranteed change over times and throughput. These are silo-less - yet fully automated batching plants that allow fast changeover without contamination and very high plant output at low capex investments. Roof heights and plant area constraints are not an issue.

We also provide complete automation solutions to modernize or expand existing manufacturing facilities.

These plants can handle 30-40 raw materials, with various grain sizes of alumina, quartz, felspar, zirconia etc; 300 kgs to 3000 kgs; 1,000 Kgs / Hr to 30,000 Kgs / Hr.

Our plants meet international standards, both in terms of plant environment as well as output product quality.

After working with the industry for over 2 decades, and having done large projects for industry leaders such as Vesuvius, we are leading a revolution in this sector with guaranteed performance metrics on Mixer OEE, throughput, quality and accuracy.

Our unique capabilities in Refractory sector

  • Silo-less batching plants & Tap hole clay plants
  • Fast changeover between products in <20 minutes
  • Reducing cross contamination across products
  • High throughput automatic batching
  • OEE achievement of mixer up to 95%
  • High throughput bagging machines 25/50/500/1000 Kg
  • Complete automation despite limitations on floor space and roof height
  • Customized and turnkey solutions for different budgets from USD 2 Million to 20 Million
  • 7 Types of Plant design schemes.

For a detailed white paper on “Refractory Plant Design” with 7 types of design schemes: please write to /

Batching and weighing of Silica, zirconia etc with various grit sizes and color; Combination of large volume and small volume materials; 100 Kgs to 300 Kgs ; 30 to 40 batches per hour ; 20 gms to 50 gms tolerance.

Storage and batching of 30 to 40 materials can be handled within a small plant area.

Silos, Barrel mixers and Press distribution systems.